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That's Not My Reindeer - product recall

23rd November 2015

At Usborne Books at Home, we value the safety of your children above all else. 

We regret to inform you Usborne Publishing has identified potential safety issues for a title sold by our Usborne Books at Home consultants this fall: That's not my reindeer batch 01848/14 (sold between August 2015 – November 2015).

We ask that you please check the back cover to identify the batch number. (more details here) If you identify you do have one of the affected titles, please take a picture of the back of the book showing the batch number, and contact your independent consultant (or home party hostess if applicable) as soon as possible to arrange replacement. Then destroy your copy.

Please note: No copies of That’s not my Santa, from the affected batch, were sold by Usborne Books at Home in Canada. 

Usborne safety policies

The safety of your children is of paramount importance to us. All Usborne books and toys are rigorously tested according to the specific requirements of the countries they are sold into, and we have a specialist safety team working to maintain the highest possible standards at all times. We are therefore very sorry that the dehumidifying process and storage of the products did not live up to our stringent safety standards (as described in our safety policies) in this instance, and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by this product recall.


Please see this important information.