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8th April 2015

Mark Franklin’s flying across the pond to visit us from the UK, and we’re in the mood to party! Next Tuesday, Mark and Karen Powell will be crashing as many Usborne parties as we can, coast to coast. All day long and until 11 pm Eastern time, they’ll randomly be selecting your parties and showing up with presents.

OK - they won’t actually be able to show up, but the next best thing: they’ll be calling your hostesses right in the middle of your parties and giving away all kinds of prizes to them and their guests. Don’t miss out on all of the fun! Get a party booked for next Tuesday (April 14), and join in on the most massive Usborne party ever!

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Book your party – it’s got to be a live party with a hostess who’s not you.

2.  Send Karen Powell your name, phone number, and consultant number, and the hostess’s name and number, with the best phone number for them to call you during the party. If you would like them to Skype you during your party (who wouldn’t want to see a dashing British chap throwing around prizes?), please send your Skype contact info as well.

Since they’re officially party crashers now, they’ll be giving out prizes for other party crashers too, so be sure to tell your hostess that there will be extra prizes for everyone who comes without knowing the hostess, as well as the guest who brings them.

They’ll do everything in our power to call every single party held that day, and they’ll be looking for excuses to give out prizes. Will you be at the party which has the most guests in the room when we call? An extra prize for you and your hostess! Will you be a Megastar who does 2 or 3 parties that day? Our unfettered admiration and an extra prize for you!

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