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Leaders In Action - Lori Hobin

13th June 2016

(submitted by Brandy Burge, Senior Supervisor)

I am absolutely delighted to announce Lori Hobin as the newest Supervisor on our team for June 2016!

Lori joined our team last fall and has been a wonderful addition to our group.

Lori is a loving wife and mother to 2-year-old Kenzie, lovingly referred to as "The Kid".

While building her business and enjoying continued success with her growing team, Lori always makes clear that her family comes first. She is a wonderful example of how to balance business with family.

Lori made the commitment to attend our National Convention very quickly after joining and then immediately following convention, began building her team and making her way to supervisor. She works very closely with not only her own downline but also our entire team. She is a giving, helpful and caring person who is always there ready and willing to help out at all times.

With a background and professional experience in graphic design and photography, and a love for books, Lori was a perfect fit for our business from day one.

Lori has not only utilized her skills as a designer to boost her business and promote herself, but also to help others on our team on an ongoing basis with instruction on use of graphics, advertising and video. 

She has conducted team trainings and created training documents on working with graphics and also presented at the Ontario Spring Training to share her wisdom with consultants there.

I would encourage everyone, if ever given the opportunity to meet Lori, to go out of your way to introduce yourself to her and get to know her, she is a truly remarkable person that you want to know.

Congratulations Lori, I’m so happy for you!

I look forward to watching your business continue to grow, and remember, you’ll always be an honorary Book Babe!


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