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Leaders In Action - Evie Vourtzoumis

18th July 2016

(submitted by Christine Steller, Supervisor)

From the moment I first met Evie, she has done nothing but impress me. I can't even think of where to start! Let's see...

Right from the beginning, Evie had a lot of obstacles placed in her path when it came to her Usborne business ... and she was able to overcome all of them with her positive attitude and incredible excitement about her business. In fact, Evie was the first person on my team to ever reach Emerald Status! Evie started her Usborne business in December, a time of year when most of us aren't doing much at all as the deadlines for Christmas shipping are early in the month. In addition, last December the stock for most of our bestselling and favourite books had been wiped out during to the holiday rush. Nevertheless, her business thrived. She also, as a consultant in Quebec, had to repetitively deal with customer concerns over the lack of french language stock available. Once again, her positivity shone through as she did not let these challenges hold her back from growing a flourishing Usborne business.

Did I mention that she also had a baby under 6 months old, was battling postpartum thyroiditis, and was one of the organizers for 'Pink in the City' - a non-profit organization that has raised over $500,000 dollars for breast cancer... all during the founding months of her business?

I first spoke to Evie only a few days after she joined Usborne. Right away, she was interested in how she could excel at the business... and she instinctively knew that she wanted to come to convention. The thing was, Evie had a 5 month old baby who she has still nursing. She had never left him. But she made the decision that Usborne was important enough to her (already!) that she HAD to come to convention... and she bought herself a plane ticket. Evie always knew when it was time for a break in the convention schedule as she was bursting – and would run to the bathroom to pump in a stall while the rest of us enjoyed our coffee! I know she was worried about her son the whole time, but I think that she would agree that coming to convention was the single most important thing she has done for her business. She set some goals and intentions at Convention... and she has made all of them come true. Make it to Emerald... check! Earn a spot in the President's Council Elite... check! Promotion to Supervisor... check! Earn trip to Panama... check!

My inbox has not been the same since Evie joined my team... as every few days I get a new notification that someone has joined her team. The excitement and enthusiasm that she spreads about this opportunity is extremely contagious - the members of her team are some of the most motivated (and lovely) consultants that I have ever met. In only 7 short months, Evie has gone from brand new consultant to a supervisor of her own thriving team. Amazing!

Not only is Evie an extremely hard worker who is able to overcome all the obstacles placed in her path, she is also a fun, warm, giving and all-round wonderful person. I am so happy to have her in my life and to also call her a friend. 

Evie – Congratulations on your promotion to Supervisor! I look forward to working alongside you, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you!!

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