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Leaders In Action - Dana Duggan

18th July 2016

(submitted by Brandy Burge, Senior Supervisor)

This month we celebrate the promotion of Dana Duggan to Supervisor!

Dana joined my team in October of 2015 and immediately went Emerald! She really jumped right in to her new business and took full advantage of the busy Christmas season.

By the end of November, Dana had already recruited her first consultant and continued to build her team vigorously starting in January of 2016.

Dana is a real people person who enjoys face to face discussion and contact with others. She not only showed huge commitment to her business by attending the National Convention in Toronto, but also brought back to life monthly meetings for consultants in and around the Edmonton area!

Dana has been working closely with her team over the past few months, building good relationships with her team members and passing on her skills and everything she has learned so far so that they may enjoy great success with their businesses as well.

One of the things that Dana loves to do is exhibits so she and her team have really been getting a lot of exposure all around Alberta by doing exhibits large and small. The large exposure she is getting is no doubt contributing to her success with her business.

I’m delighted to congratulate Dana Duggan on her promotion to Supervisor and I’m positive we will see remarkable things from Dana and her team in the future !


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