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Leaders In Action - Kathy Vankoppen

18th October 2016

(submitted by Cindy Armstrong, Supervisor)

I am so proud to announce Kathy's promotion as our newest Supervisor!  In less than a year, she has taken her business and her passion for the books to unbelievable heights. Kathy's excitement and love for our books exudes from her heart and soul, and is a big part of her success. Having had her own home daycare for years, she has dedicated much of her life to children, so sharing her passion for children's literacy was as natural as breathing.

An amazing advocate for Children's literacy, and understanding the key to success is books in every home, Kathy talks to people about the books every opportunity she has.  Promoting her business in her community and beyond has given Kathy a great customer base and team to help her share that passion.

Attending convention was the catalyst that inspired her to share the business far and wide, with customers and new consultants alike. Her excitement and 'I can do it' outlook as been a great recipe for success, and I am thrilled to be a part of her journey as she continues to stardom!!

Congratulations Kathy! I'm so proud of your amazing accomplishments!

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