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Read War and Peace in just one hour!

1st June 2015

Well known as being one of the longest novels ever written, the hugely famous Russian classic, War and Peace, can be intimidating to even the most avid adult reader.

This is one classic you don’t want to miss out on! Beautifully rewritten and simply told within just 64 pages, it is now possible for anyone -- adults to young children alike -- to dive into this thrilling world and fall in love with classic fiction in just an hour! The sweeping epic follows the lives of five aristocratic Russian families from the dazzling ballrooms of imperial Moscow, to the carnage of Napoleon’s battlefields.

The Usborne Reading Programme is a reading framework that consists of seven levels; designed to build confidence in beginner readers and inspire those who might find reading difficult or dull.

Why not step back in time with these classic tales of love, loss, mystery, drama and a spot of ‘honest’ pirating!

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