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Leaders In Action - Val Fafard

24th January 2017

(submitted by Amie McGregor, Supervisor)

I could not be more proud and honored to be introducing one of Usborne Books at Home’s shooting stars and newest supervisor, Val Fafard.

In less than a year, Val has rocketed passed every bar that has been set. From earning emerald in her Quick Start period to a place on the President’s Elite Council, Val has taken advantage of every opportunity to succeed as Val, The Book Gal. All while raising three bright and beautiful children along with her partner, from Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan.

Val has leveraged opportunities both online and in person to share literacy with families across the country, even from her small town of about 20 people! She is constantly curating new and exciting ideas to set herself apart from the crowd and prove that she is the go-to girl for Usborne Books in Canada.

Val has succeeded not only in her position as a consultant, but also as a leader of a growing and flourishing team. Although she may not always have been sure of her knowledge and ability, I have never once doubted that she would propel herself to where she is today. The example Val has set for her team is evident, as her own recruits follow the path that she has laid. I am confident in her ability to guide and inspire her team. I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for such an amazing person.  

Congratulations Val! I hope you enjoyed your time at the spa in Vancouver, you more than earned it!

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