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Leaders In Action - Becky Feuerstein

26th January 2017

(submitted by Alexis Everingham, Supervisor)

I am so excited and honoured to congratulate Becky in her well deserved Supervisor promotion! After our first conversation, I knew Becky was someone special. 

Right from the start, Becky has done whatever is necessary to move her business forward. She is open to learning, trying new things, and when she sets a goal, look out :) In one short year, Becky's team grew exponentially because she set her mind to it! Becky earned a top spot on the President's Council Elite group, AND by working hard at her business, Becky is going on the incentive trip to Hawaii!  When she has a setback or is faced with a challenge, she doesn't make excuses, she just determines what she needs to do and deals with it!

Whenever we talk, I always leave the conversation thinking, "gosh, I wish she and I lived closer!" Becky has an energy that just draws you to her, and her kind nature, her laid back attitude, and her sense of humour are qualities that give her a such a warm leadership style. Becky made the decision to attend convention for the first time, and I can't even tell you how many people have come up to me to say, "wow, that Becky is SO lovely. I just love her."

I am so happy for you Becky, and I just love you too xoxo


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