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Did someone say "Free Books"?

1st February 2017

A book party (whether in your home, at the park or online) is a fun and relaxed way to share Usborne Books. 

Here are some ways you can receive free books and more, as a thank you for holding an Usborne party:

  • A Hostess Allowance in free books plus purchase options of up to 70% discount
  • Customer Specials available to the hostess and home show attendees
  • Additional savings on hostess books (selection updated monthly)
  • A FREE bonus book and additional credits in return for future bookings made at the home show
  • Additional incentives and bonuses made available by the company from time to time

Merchandise Allowance

Choose free books - Or - choose DOUBLE the Merchandise Allowance and purchase it at a 70% discount!

Booking Credits

For every guest who books a new show, the original hostess earns the right to purchase $20 worth of books for $6.

And... every guest who books and holds a new home show processed within four weeks (28 days) of the original show will earn the right to purchase $20 worth of books for only $6. *

Hostess Bonus Books

If home show retail sales total $300 or more plus one booking, the hostess may choose one of these books. *

Baby's very first black and white little library Sticker Dressing King Arthur


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