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Leaders In Action - Sandra Romanauskas

17th February 2017

(submitted by Karen Powell, Director of Sales and Leadership Development)

Starting your own Usborne Books at Home business works for all kinds of different people from all walks of life! Sandra had been a full-time veterinarian for 11 years when she had her first baby. After her maternity leave ended, she realized she was ready for a more flexible way of life. When she fell in love with Usborne books and realized you could actually start your own business with these wonderful books, she signed up, continuing her veterinary profession on a casual part-time basis.

As Sandra said, “I had been looking for something different with which to get involved (where there was no life and death and I could work on my own terms) and had always been passionate about books... so Usborne was a perfect fit!”

Sandra has several of the crucial elements needed for success, including persistence and taking responsibility for her own success. Only 3 months after signing up, Sandra flew from her home in Ottawa to convention in Vancouver! There she began to build the many relationships which have helped her along her journey. Sandra has encountered some pretty significant bumps along the road, but kept her focus and now is reaping the rewards!

She says, “I always aspired to be a leader, and for me it was a slow and steady process. Finally the time was right. The Cutting Edge group was a great motivator! I love having a huge home library for my son (and who am I kidding - for myself too!), filling children's libraries with beautiful books, and helping others to do the same as I build my team.”

Congratulations, Sandra! Your promotion is well deserved!

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