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Leaders In Action - Jackie Morris: Senior Supervisor

17th March 2017

(submitted by Brandy Burge, Sales Director)

This is so exciting getting to announce Jackie Morris as a Senior Supervisor!

Jackie has been with Usborne for years and has always been a rock solid pillar of our team.

The Literary Luminaries have a wonderful, strong and growing base and I’m positive we will see even faster growth on Jackie’s team in 2017 based on what I have seen recently!

Jackie is someone that so many people have grown to know and love over the years she has been with Usborne. She has made friends across the country by attending National Convention on a regular basis and is always involved in her local network of consultants and supervisors in and around the Calgary area.

Our team works closely together to provide top notch training, encouragement and support for all of our members and Jackie is a big part of our team leaders group. I think everyone knows by now, if they have a question they can tag Jackie and she will most likely know the answer, she is like an Usborne Book AND business encyclopedia!

I love how Jackie is so organized and diligent in working with her team members, particularly making sure that new consultants get off to a great start. She sets a GREAT example for her upcoming leaders to follow particularly because she is a VERY busy lady and manages to juggle so many things! 

Jackie and I are at about the same place right now with our kids, I dare say it was easier with little ones than it is now with them older and us running from activity to activity! Jackie works full time and manages to run her business on the side while being supermom all the while. She even manages to sneak away with her husband here and there for some very deserved vacation time.

You are such an impressive example of strength, determination and success Jackie and its wonderful to be able to spotlight you here with your promotion.

Congratulations Jackie on your promotion to Senior Supervisor, 

Here’s to continued success with Usborne!

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