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Leaders In Action - Sarah Fletcher

17th March 2017

(submitted by Brandy Burge, Sales Director)

WHAT an exciting year it has been for Sarah Fletcher!

Sarah only JUST joined Usborne in 2016 and boy has she made her mark.

In just her first year with Usborne Sarah has built a beautiful customer base, done parties, Facebook parties, loads of Exhibits, started a monthly Book club, built a team and promoted to Supervisor. She is even getting ready to promote out her first downline supervisor!!!

In her free time, she works closely with our team and leadership group and is one of the most active members of my entire downline in both groups. 

Sarah began displaying very strong leadership skills right from the beginning. She has given so much to her fellow team mates in the way of support, encouragement and fantastic training on Social Media marketing, Facebook Parties, Graphics creation and Video Production. She is ALWAYS cheerful and positive and the team looks to her often and follows her strong example.

I was not surprised in the least to see Sarah asked to speak at our National Convention in Vancouver and of course, she did an AMAZING job!

Sarah very much takes responsibility for her own business and that is what I believe is making her business take off so quickly. She does not wait for anyone to help her along or pave the way for her, she sets out to work her business and grow her team and does whatever it takes to accomplish just that. She has even set up her very own Team Training Website already and it is nothing short of spectacular!

Very recently I spoke with Sarah and learned that she has made some very solid plans to grown her Usborne business. I am thrilled that she has big goals in mind and that she is mapping out a plan to achieve those and determined to be successful. She has the support of her loving husband Jim and of course her little sweetheart Aubrey cheering her on as well!

I couldn’t imagine the team without you Sarah, you’ve made each day amazing since you joined just by being you.

It is my absolute honour to announce that Sarah Fletcher has promoted to Supervisor!

Congratulations darlin!


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