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Leaders In Action - Alicia Farvolden

23rd May 2017

(submitted by Dana Duggan, Supervisor)

I knew Alicia Farvolden was a leader my very first call with her after she signed up in January 2017.  Despite her repeated mention that she had just signed up just to get a discount on the books, she had already read everything and knew the information down to the fine print!  She also had a huge amount of ideas that first call and every call after and really I was learning as much if not more than she was during our conversation.  I actually think she asked less questions than any consultant I have encountered.  She just absorbed it all and ran with it.  The first nickname I gave her was my “Idea Person.” Those ideas worked well as she skyrocketed to Ruby in the Quickstart and I am sure would have got Emerald if her last two weeks weren't an already scheduled an extended Mexican vacation last April.

We did a very large and very last minute event together a month after she started.  I thought I would be showing her how to do successful markets.  Well, it ended up being a bit of a comedy as she was also, not surprisingly, full of ideas on how to do successful markets!  We did indeed have a really good market and have enjoyed working many markets together since.  Alicia has also found a nice base of markets and conventions for her business in the Edmonton area.

Then there was parties!  I soon took to calling her our “Party Queen”.  Not only did she seem to book them with ease, her party averages were amazing.  She has also since coached two of her downline to $1000 launch parties.  Not only does she know how to do it, she is extremely good at teaching others how to as well.  She also recently told me she had her fourth party with one mom's group!  They actually ask for her to come quarterly.  Unbelievable.  She is definitely our team's party trainer.

Alicia has been extremely dedicated to her new consultants, spending hours with them when needed to help them succeed in their businesses.  She already has consultants across the country and her team continues to grow.  Alicia has also consistently earned a spot on President's Council and is almost certain to make elite this term.

Alicia's home has become the Usborne headquarters in Edmonton.  Not only do we often host monthly meetings there where she not only welcomes us but all of our kids, her home is also an unofficial book depot where many of us have either dropped off or picked up books and supplies from each other.  She has also been known to go out of her way to deliver stock and bookshelves to people while they are at events in the Edmonton area.  She is an indispensable part of our team.

It has been so exciting to see Alicia decide to go for it in 2018!  She has already pretty much got her first ticket to the Bahamas booked, has her team doing amazing things, and her personal sales are truly impressive.  She has all the qualities needed to succeed in this business: extremely self-motivated and perseverant with huge amounts of resilience and a strong skill set.  I expect to see huge things for Alicia and her team in 2018 and through her Usborne career.  If Alicia decides to do it, it will happen.  What will you set your sights on next Alicia?

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