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Leaders In Action - Lacey Wilson

25th May 2017

(submitted by Brandy Burge, Sales Director)

Every once in a while as we stumble about life, a true angel crosses our path.

I can’t begin to express how this applies to Lacey Wilson.

Lacey has an incredible background. Her family moved to Haiti when she was very young and spent years working on missions there. Her father worked and her mother homeschooled not only her kids but others as well and provided other support to the missions while she was there.

Lacey and her siblings had an extraordinary time in Haiti. They were able to run free and enjoy both the beaches and jungles of the land while still receiving their education by way of homeschooling. These years brought Lacey and her siblings and her entire family very close together and they remain an extremely close-knit family to this day.

Around the age of 12, Lacey and her family returned to Canada. These days, she is a happily married mother of three children, aged 5, 3 and 2 with #4 on the way and due in July.

I’ve enjoyed every moment working with Lacey since she joined the team. She is so sincere, thoughtful and genuine. I have such trust and faith in Lacey in all she does. I am in fact extremely grateful to have her on my team and just to know her as a person.

Lacey has been doing an amazing job working her business and building her team and the results speak for themselves as here she is our newest supervisor!  

She has worked and continues to work very hard at her business.  She does lots of events and online promotion and is a valuable member of both my team Facebook group as well as our team Leaders Group. She works regularly alongside the other leaders on my team on training, resources, incentives and so much more!

You make my heart happy Lacey! 

Congratulations on your promotion to Supervisor, you deserve every bit of the success coming your way.


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