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Leaders In Action - Shaaron Zach

18th July 2017

(submitted by Brandy Burge, Sales Director)

It’s a great pleasure to be able to congratulate Shaaron on her promotion to Supervisor. 

Shaaron is from the UK originally and grew up with Usborne books – she’s a huge fan of anything by Stephen Cartwright and from the beginning felt a very warm association with Usborne. 

She has achieved an enormous amount in the few short months since she joined Usborne in mid-November of 2016 – not only did she make President’s Council for the December to June qualifying period, but she made the Elite group – the top 8 ranked consultants on the PC! 

I think one factor in her success is her positive and sunny personality, which draws people to her – she positively radiates fun and joy and you can’t help but respond to it!

She has worked hard to build and support her team and now, only months after signing up, she has promoted to Supervisor. She has taken every opportunity to learn from others, networking with people on our team leaders group and showing herself to be a real team player, always eager to help others.

Shaaron has set goals to continue building her team, to make Elite again, to make it to Convention in Calgary in 2018 as well as the trip to the Bahamas! With her positive attitude, I feel certain that she will hit all of her goals.

Congratulations Shaaron – this promotion is richly deserved!


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