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Leaders In Action - Jerry (Jielei) Feng

20th September 2017

(submitted by Carol Cooper, Executive Sales Director)

I’m delighted to welcome Jerry (Jielei) Feng to our growing group of Supervisors!  

Jerry has, from the very start, led from the front with her excellent personal sales and already has a Team Leader in her group who is, herself, working hard to promote.

I love Jerry’s thirst for information and ideas – she’s always been great at actually reading and viewing the resources available to her and then being proactive about asking very focused questions. She’s developed a whole new market niche and style of her own, and has shown a lot of initiative and imagination in taking our standard sales formats, brainstorming the possibilities and adapting them for her particular market.

Jerry has worked very hard to achieve this and I’m sure she’ll continue to set herself new goals and continue to build her team – I look forward to seeing her future successes!

Warmest congratulations, Jerry!

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