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Leaders in Action - Amy Chappel

16th October 2017

(submitted by Talina Strawbridge, Supervisor)

It is my pleasure to introduce you to one of the newest supervisors, Amy Chappel!

It wasn't too long ago Amy came to me and said, "I am GOING to make it on President's Council this term". She had been trying to grow a team for some time, but it just hadn't happened yet. I have no doubt in my mind that speaking that goal out loud is what propelled her on this path to Supervisor. 

Watching Amy over the past year and a half has been a real encouragement to my own heart, she persevered when most people would have given up. Her determination to make it on the Presidents Council kept her going and her hard work paid off, she now has a team of her own! 

Amy is a real gem, her kindness and drive both make her an excellent leader and a great addition to the Supervisor team. She consistently shows up for her team and definitely leads by great example! Not only has she promoted and made it on President's Council, she has also earned herself a ticket to the Bahamas and was awarded a box of books for charity!

She also owns and operates her own appliance store, proof that anyone can do well in this business with a bit of hard work and love for some amazing books! She is one busy mama, but her little ones are her biggest fans/helpers!

Congratulations, Amy!

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