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Another worthy charity receives Usborne Books

18th October 2017

One of the most important influences for success in life is the availability of books in the hands of children from birth on. This autumn, we are making donations across the country to ensure all children have access to Usborne Books.

Submitted by Alicia DeVries

On October 6 my husband Brent and our two boys, Caleb and Colton delivered a donation to the Ronald MacDonald House in London, Ontario. The house holds a special place in our hearts, as we spent two weeks there after Caleb was born 8 weeks premature. The house was such a Godsend for us, knowing that we could be so close to our son in the NICU when he needed us most. They will be using the books for their sibling Christmas gift awesome!

With all of the talk about RMH in our home, Caleb wanted to help too! In addition to donating a box of Usborne books, he donated a basket of items off of the house wish list. He turned 3 years old a few days before our visit to the house, and he asked his party guests to bring donations, in lieu of gifts. It was such a great learning opportunity for our little boy!

What an amazing experience to give back to a charity that was such a blessing to us and countless other families! Thank you for providing the opportunity to make this donation.

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