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Another worthy charity receives Usborne Books

23rd October 2017

One of the most important influences for success in life is the availability of books in the hands of children from birth on. This autumn, we are making donations across the country to ensure all children have access to Usborne Books.

Submitted by Evie Vourtzoumis

I am so happy and proud to donate my charity box to the "Biblio-Express" at the Montreal Children's Hospital. The "Biblio-Express" is a mobile book cart that travels from room to room every Wednesday, offering a free book to each child spending time in the hospital.

Not only does this wonderful initiative promote literacy and a love of reading, but it also normalizes the hospital experience for the children and their parents, as they are having positive, non-medical interactions with the volunteers each week. I have spoken to many parents first-hand, and they all exclaimed how much they loved this service, and how it always put the biggest smile on their child's face!

I feel so passionate about the "Biblio-Express", and am excited to continue donating to this worthy cause for years to come.

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