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Leaders in Action - Jacquie Jones

23rd February 2018

(submitted by Gloria Morrow, Supervisor)

I am so excited that Jacquie has promoted to Supervisor! I knew right from the beginning that she would be a leader in this company! 

Jacquie is a recruiting machine! We often joked about how she had more team members in my area than I did and she lives a few provinces away!

Jacquie is a busy mom of 3 little ones but still makes time to devote to her business and her team. Anyone would be truly lucky to be on Jacquie’s team as she is the best leader you could have! She is caring, nurturing, and she is such a great teacher! 

When she makes a goal she doesn’t just hit it, she surpasses it. She said she would promote to Supervisor by December and she did!! She doesn’t let anything get in her way, like system glitches when trying to place a $2500 order in her first couple weeks as a consultant. Jacquie hit Emerald and earned her spot on President’s Council with flying colours. Not only are her personal sales amazing but because of her leadership, her team sales are too. She is heading to the Bahamas this year, won Top New Consultant of 2017 at Convention, and has earned many dreamshares and charity boxes to donate too. 

Jacquie, I couldn’t be more proud of you and am so happy to call you my friend. I can’t wait to see where this year takes you! 


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