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Leaders in Action - Cherie Behrens

17th April 2018

(submitted by Brandy Burge, Sales Director)

I’m so excited to have Cherie Behrens promote to supervisor!

Cherie is such a creative, dedicated and driven consultant and has been a delight to work with and mentor. The thing that really stands out about Cherie is that she understands how this business works and has set out to do anything and everything she can to build her business, both personally as well as growing a team. She is a no-nonsense, straight shooter which I LOVE!

Cherie took a leadership approach immediately once she started building her team and continues to work hard at helping her downline see success of their own. She is also a devoted and very valuable member of our Team Leadership group.

It was so much fun meeting Cherie in person when she attended Convention in Calgary in January! She’s a down to earth gal and so much fun to be around, I just love her to bits!

Seeing how Cherie is working with her team makes me so proud. I know this will be a year of tremendous growth for her business and we will see her achieving many more milestones.

If anyone ever needs an example of how to run a successful sales business, build a strong team and look after her home and family, look no further than Cherie Behrens!

Congratulations Cherie!

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