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Leaders in Action - Jen Bergmann

7th May 2018

(submitted by Raelynn Reimer, Supervisor)

It truly is such an honour to announce Jen Bergmann’s promotion to supervisor! Not only is she an amazing woman but is also one of my dearest friends!

Jen started her Usborne business in July of 2017 with the intention of building a free library for her kids. Since then, she has worked diligently in building her team and invests her time in them to help them be as successful as they can be! She is beyond creative and is an excellent resource whenever our team needs to be inspired!

On top of being Mom to a 6, 4, and 3 year old, Jen helps her husband on their family farm as well as operates a CSA garden which provides produce to local families and restaurants. She is a highly skilled, professional photographer and is also a former grade one teacher. These are just a few of the things she has on the go. To say that she is busy is an understatement, and yet she has added this business to her life with such ease and grace. It’s been incredibly inspiring watching her build and grow her team, amidst everything else she has going on!    

I absolutely love how Jen integrates her creativity and eye for beauty into her business. Her passion for photography is shown through her business’ social media accounts and if I am ever in need of a good picture of an Usborne book, I know where to go! She is driven, intelligent, and when she has a goal in mind she doesn't just reach it, she crushes it! Her team is beyond lucky to have her as their supervisor!

Jen, I feel ridiculously privileged to be able to work alongside you. You deserve every bit of this promotion and I can’t wait to see what goal you crush next!


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