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Leaders in Action - Kari Dundass

7th May 2018

(submitted by Val Fafard, Supervisor)

I am beyond excited to announce that Kari Dundass has promoted to Supervisor!!!

In January 2017, Kari came to me as a BB lead from the office. I knew from our very first midnight e-mail conversation that she was going to do great things in this business! She's smart and independent and works hard at everything she does in life! She's a mother to 3 young boys, a homeschooler, a rancher and a blogger. Somehow amidst all that craziness she has made room for Usborne and has built an incredible team along the way! 

One of my favourite things about Kari is how passionate she is about the things she loves most in life! Her family and her farm always come first (as they should!) I love how she encourages her boys to learn through real-life adventures and experiences.  I love her passion for Usborne and for her team. I always know that her team is getting the support and guidance that they need (which, let's face it, makes my life a lot easier!) Kari deserves this promotion so much and I'm so happy for her! 

Congratulations Kari!!! 

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