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Another worthy charity receives Usborne Books

29th May 2018

One of the most important influences for success in life is the availability of books in the hands of children from birth on. This spring, we are making donations across the country to ensure all children have access to Usborne Books.

Submitted by Angela Loughery

Being new to this community that I now call my home, it took me some time to decide on what charity I felt could best help me accomplish my personal goals of placing these fabulous books into the hands of families in need. I am honoured to have been able donated my charity box (plus my commission in books from April & May) to the South Okanagan Children’s Charity. The SOCC is a wonderful charity that is administered by a board of directors who are community members interested and committed to the well-being of children, which means they are able to donate 100% of what they raise to families/ projects in need in the South Okanagan, BC. 

Before arriving with the books, I had only briefly spoken to the charity. They did not know the extent to how many books would be arriving, yet they made it a point to have four board members be able to meet with myself and Nora. Their excitement definitely solidified my choice in donating to this charity. 

With this donation, they will be able to give books to some families in need travelling back and forth to BC Children’s Hospital, to their Little Libraries project in Osoyoos, towards fundraising efforts, and even some social media contesting to build awareness for their charity.

To me, being an Usborne Consultant is not about earning extra cash (because that has not been the case), but being able to do what I can to place these amazing and educational books into families homes. Because literacy is so important, but not all families are able to afford to build their own libraries, I am excited to continue collecting books via my commission to donate to more families in need this summer & beyond.


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