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Leaders in Action - Nicole McCloud

25th June 2018

(submitted by Jen Bergmann, Supervisor)

I’m super excited to announce that Nicole McCloud has promoted to Supervisor. In just eight months, she went from receiving a Dreamshare Kit to becoming a supervisor, what an achievement! Her hard work and determination are two things that got her to this point and I believe she’ll continue to find success in her business moving forward.

I love how Nicole strives to find balance in her life; as a mom of three kids, a mid-wife and a book boss. She is conscious of spending time with her family and yet still manages to run a thriving book business, very inspiring!

Nicole is always challenging herself to find new ways to get these books into the hands of as many children as possible. She has sought out numerous charities to raise books for and is constantly thinking of ways to reach out! Nicole is also a real team player and a tremendously strong leader. Her ability to support her team members whenever they need help is admirable.

Congrats, Nicole!

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