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Another worthy charity receives Usborne Books

4th July 2018

One of the most important influences for success in life is the availability of books in the hands of children from birth on. This spring, we are making donations across the country to ensure all children have access to Usborne Books.

Submitted by Danielle Langley

I donated my box of books to the charity of my choice. I chose Spirit of the Children Society in New Westminster, BC. I’ve always wanted to help the First Nations and their families get the support they need getting books into their little ones' hands while with their parents at a support group, visiting the community kitchen or receiving prenatal care. This organization is amazing and I was given a tour of their facility. They have a playroom for younger kids and childcare and there was a books shelf for the donated books to go! 

When I first joined Usborne in February 2017 my main goal was to get more books for my family for free. Along the way with the success I’ve had as a consultant, due to all my lovely customers, I’ve also been able to give back to the community in many ways. has been truly an amazing experience! I was aching to get a second donated box and was super close but thankfully Usborne offers these contests often! 

Spirit of the children society was very excited to be able to use the books for their preschool program, home visits, and young tween “get-togethers” They were thrilled with the donations and couldn’t believe how many there were. 

I would like to thank everyone at Usborne for this wonderful opportunity and for helping spread a love of books around my community!


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