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Leaders in Action - Jocelyn Hanson

5th September 2018

(submitted by Val Fafard, Senior Supervisor )

I am beyond excited to announce that Jocelyn Hanson has promoted to Supervisor!!

I've known Jocelyn for as long as I can remember! Our parents were such great friends that we spent most of our childhood weekends together -  playing barbies and house and restaurant, jumping on bales and playing hide and seek in the dark. Who knew that after all these years we'd reconnect in the business world!!

I still remember the moment that she messaged me and told me that she was thinking about joining my team. I was on my way home from convention, sitting on the airplane waiting for take-off, when she messaged me that she might want to get in on the upcoming kit sale. I was FLOORED when she said she'd already read through all of the information that she could find online on our website. I was so excited and I knew right then that she would go on to do amazing things!!

Jocelyn is super organized, she has great people skills and she knows how to rock a home party!! I know how busy Jocelyn is with her day job and her two young children so the fact that she has been able to build herself an amazing Usborne team too makes me so proud of her.

Congratulations on your success Jocelyn! I look forward to watching your business continue to grow! Well done my friend! 


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