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Leaders in Action - Nadine Simmons

5th December 2018

(submitted by Raelynn Reimer, Senior Supervisor) 

I am so beyond thrilled to announce Nadine’s promotion to Supervisor! 

Nadine started with Usborne during the January kit sale at the beginning of the year, having secured 14 trade shows before she even submitted her application! Her passion and drive have not slowed down since and she is an absolute force to be reckoned with. 

On top of being a busy Mom to her adventurous crew while also completing large orders for her sewing business, she has soared to the top of the company, earning a place on the newest Elite Council, earned a cruise ticket and has built an absolutely rock solid team.

Nadine is continuously thinking outside of the box and setting BIG goals for herself. It’s been so fun to watch her set a goal and then not just reach it, but absolutely crush it! 

Nadine, I’m so thankful that we crossed paths during your friend’s facebook party! I’ve loved working with you every step up of the way this past year and feel so grateful for all that you have brought to our amazing team! What’s more, I consider you a good friend and can’t wait to see what BIG goals you accomplish next!

Congratulations on a very well-deserved promotion!

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