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President's Council for Winter and Spring

4th December 2019

Introducing the President's Council members for December 2019 to May 2020.

You too can be part of this extraordinary group of consultants next session, and enjoy all the benefits.


Raelynn ReimerRaelynn Reimer
 Val Fafard
Evie VourtzoumisEvie Vourtzoumis
Janelle Chambers Yu Shan Nadine Simmons
Jennifer Bergmann Gloria Morrow  


Becky Winkelmann Cindy Armstrong Rebekah Zigby
Mary Reynolds Amie McGregorAmie McGregor Kara Hughes
Brandy BurgeBrandy Burge Louise ToewsLouise Toews Aloha Johnson
Jennifer Deus Amanda Holmberg  Jordynne Metheral Jordynne Metheral
Codi-Lynn Pratt Amy ChappellAmy Chappell Shaaron ZachShaaron Zach
Carol Cooper Jennifer MathewsJennifer Mathews Alice-Marie NewsteadAlice-Marie Newstead
Jessica Saindon



Rachel Treur

 Yue Wang
 Richelle Bergen  Kathleen Leander  Brianne Toma
 Chongyi Zhang  Michelle Iverson  Linda Vanderhaar

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