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Leaders in Action - Cora Thiessen

15th January 2019

(submitted by Raelynn Reimer, Senior Supervisor) 

Cora is one of the most hard-working, kind and positive people I have ever met and we would have never crossed paths if it wasn’t for this amazing book business.

We met in August 2017 at a mutual friend's Facebook party and she decided to host a party of her own but donate all the books she received through her hostess credit to her local daycare. The rest is history, and it is that same generous spirit that has propelled her business forward.

Along with being a busy mom to her two little sweethearts, she also runs a day-home and cares for many local children throughout the week. She is creative and a true achiever in whatever she does. She continually sets goals for herself and never fails to achieve them, including earning a spot on the President’s Council and, perhaps most exciting, her trip ticket on the Caribbean cruise this coming spring!

Cora, I truly am so thankful that Usborne caused our paths to cross. Not only do you constantly inspire me and bring your positive spirit to absolutely everything you do, but I truly consider you a dear friend. You deserve every bit of this promotion!


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