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Leaders in Action - Raelynn Reimer, Executive Supervisor

5th March 2019

(submitted by Val Fafard, Senior Supervisor)

I am beyond excited to announce that Raelynn Reimer has officially promoted to Executive Supervisor! 

Raelynn joined Usborne in June 2017 and has absolutely crushed every goal that she's set out to achieve. You really need to take note of that date because what she has achieved in less than 2 years is nothing less than SPECTACULAR!!! She's built a dream team of hundreds of amazing women (and some men too ;-) ), she's been on the Elite council for 3 terms in a row,  she earned 3 tickets for last year's trip incentive, took the stage for countless awards at convention and she's proven to be one of the strongest, most capable leaders that I've ever known. What's even more incredible is that she's done all of this while raising her three young boys (which include toddler twins!!! Need I say more????). Truly amazing!!!!! 

To say that Raelynn is a great leader is an understatement! She's inspiring. She's motivating. She's helpful. She's creative. She's selfless. She's kind. She always has the best interest of her team and the overall well-being of the company at the forefront of everything she does. Part of being a great leader is instilling those same great qualities in your team members and it's been a true honour working alongside Raelynn and her downline supervisors - Jen, Nicole, Jo, Cora and Nadine. Absolute dream team!!!! 

It was such a pleasure to finally get to meet Raelynn at this year's convention in Toronto. I'm counting down the days until we see each other again.  💓

Congratulations my friend!!! I don't even know what is next after Executive Supervisor but I can't wait to watch you soar to that next level!! 


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