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Leaders in Action - Dominique Rust

2nd April 2019

(submitted by Jocelyn Hanson, Supervisor)

I have known Dominique for many years. We went to high school together and graduated in the same class. Having lost touch after graduation, I was surprised when she reached out to me one day to inquire about Usborne! 

Dominique joined Usborne in October 2017 as the recipient of a Dreamshare. She quickly got to work booking parties and building her team! She earned her way onto President’s Council and won a trip ticket for the Cruise!

Dominique is very organized. She has employed her skills in planning to keep herself on track with sales goals by creating amazing bullet-journals. She has also been creative with her events, which among other things, involve creating NICU donation bundles during the holidays, a cause that is very near to her heart.   

In addition to having twin boys, Dominique runs a dayhome, which keeps her very busy. This woman has stepped up to every challenge that Usborne has provided her and continues to set and achieve goals for herself month over month. She has been eager and fearless every step of the way, and I am so proud to see all her efforts paying off. 

Congratulations Dominique! You have done an amazing job, and I know that you are going to continue to be an amazing mentor for your team, as Usborne’s newest Supervisor!


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