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More worthy charities receive Usborne Books

17th April 2019

One of the most important influences for success in life is the availability of books in the hands of children from birth on. This spring, we are making donations across the country to ensure all children have access to Usborne Books.

Sarah-Lynn Brown:

"I was able to deliver my charity box this week to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kawartha Lakes-Haliburton. They were so happy to receive these books. I delivered them to Jim DiFlorio, the director. He told me that the books would go straight into the hands of children in their programs. Some of the books would be given during the intake process for new little brothers & sisters, and some of the books would be used for the children in their school mentoring program. They no longer receive book donations from their previous partner, so needless to say, they were very excited to be able to give books to the children again. :)

Thanks for the opportunity to make a difference in my community!"

Amanda Thoen:

"My kids were the reason that I decided to sign up to sell Usborne books. My daughter can't get enough of the books and her knowledge and penmanship has come a long ways since reading and using the wipe clean activity books. When I told her that there might be kids that don't have any books she was shocked and instantly wanted to help. On the way over to the Battleford's Boys and Girls Club she told me how she was going to show the kids how the books work and read them some of them. On the way home she asked if we could do that again, we are now donating $20 worth of books per home party to a charity. Adley and I believe every kid should have the chance to experience an Usborne book."

Paige Boschee:

"When I found out I earned a box I knew I wanted to stay local. I have had family that have needed the services of the Medicine Hat & District Health Foundation. These women were very happy that I chose them. Very kind people. Glad to have them around as I know I couldn’t do there job. To help them makes a person feel good."

Nicole Hofer:

"I donated my charity box to the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. Diana Mendez was the representative I met with and she was very happy about the donation! I love giving back to the community and I had some of my clients help pick a charity to receive these books. I look forward to earning more charity boxes and helping distribute books around the city-especially to those in need!" 

Donna Dube:

"I earned the Charity box with my sales and supplemented it with my Quickstart double hostess rewards, as well as books purchased with donated money from my friends and family. In total, the books donated totalled over $500 retail! SK Smiles for Little Warriors Project donates personalized gift baskets to sick kids to brighten their day as they go through their life battles. The gift baskets are filled with completely donated items, as well as handmade items. Shawna and Kristy, the founders, are thrilled to be able to include Usborne books in their baskets. They are especially pleased with the tactile and noisy books which they think will be a big hit!."

Heather Watson:

"The charity I choose to donate to is the Wawa Christmas Hamper Fund. This charity was created in Wawa Ontario in the 1960s. My father has been volunteering for this charity for over 25 years and has been the president the last 16 years. I've seen how much work and passion goes into helping families in need during the holiday season and beyond. Currently, they help over 130 families in need. A tradition that I do with my children is to provide them with a new book on Christmas Eve and I wanted my charity box to do the same for other families in need."

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