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More worthy charities receive Usborne Books

14th May 2019

One of the most important influences for success in life is the availability of books in the hands of children from birth on. This spring, we are making donations across the country to ensure all children have access to Usborne Books.

Claudia Desbiens:

My family and I are very honored to have the opportunity to donate to the Zebra Protection Center. I chose to donate my charity box to the Zebra Center because their cause hit home for me as a child. I'm grateful for my family being part of this experience. The charity representative was very appreciative of the difference we will make in all the children's lives. I'm blessed to have my sons knowledge of helping other children and making an impact in their lives.

Kasandra Fink:

When I earned a charity box last month I was so excited to have the opportunity to donate to Ronald MacDonald House Central Alberta. While we were awaiting the birth of our daughter last year (and a couple days after her arrival), we were lucky enough to call the RMH our home. They are an amazing facility and go above and beyond for the families who stay there. These amazing books will be a very welcome addition to their “going home” bags for the families. Thank you so much Usborne for this gift.

Ashley Joubert:

The Family and Early Childhood Services Center was so happy to receive our amazing books!!

Catherine Higginbotham:

A charity box that was donated by Catherine Higginbotham and Samantha Francis to the Eatonia United Church for their Sunday School kids.

Rebekah Zigby:

I had the pleasure to deliver not one but four charity boxes to the Montreal Children’s hospital

As a parent of a child who frequents often the Montreal Children’s hospital, when I heard of the possibility to earn charity boxes, I was ecstatic and challenged my team to do so also. Amy Beauchamp, Bridgette Rollins, Jen Cormier and I all had the pleasure of being able to reach this goal and donate over $1300 of books, which will be given to patients at the hospital. The volunteers and staff were thrilled to receive such beautiful books and right away starting sorting through and choosing books for the patients. It was touching to see how much thought goes into selecting books for the various children who spend their days at the hospital.

We had the opportunity to deliver some of these books, to patients ranging from babies to teenagers. The patients, as well as the volunteers,  were beyond thrilled to have books that were geared to all of the patients and extremely touched that this donation was made. We saw first hand the joy it brought to these children when they were able to select a new magic painting or colouring book. The smiles on their faces also brought happiness to their parents, even in these difficult times. We are so pleased to have been able to be a part of this experience. 

Becky Winkelmann:

Krystal Hauser and I just got back from bringing so many awesome books to one of our near and dear places BC Children’s Hospital lending library! It was so fantastic to see how over the moon Pamela was to have so many fantastic books to add to the library! Thank you Usborne Books for making it possible to give such love to a wonderful place!

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