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Leaders in Action - Jasmine Yu Shan

9th September 2019

Submitted by Raelynn Reimer (Executive Supervisor)

I am so BEYOND excited to announce that the incredible Jasmine Yu Shan has promoted to SUPERVISOR!!!!!

Yu has been an absolute ROCK STAR right out of the gate! She joined Usborne at the end of March with no experience in sales whatsoever. It was simply her love of good quality children’s books for her and her family that prompted her to give the business a try. She went on to complete her Quickstart program in just FOUR WEEKS! Earned her spot on the prestigious Elite council in EIGHT WEEKS! Earned her first ticket to Cuba and is well on her way to a second ticket! Her team has absolutely BOOMED and her team members are all following in her footsteps. She is an example of a  self-motivated and creative consultant but also an INCREDIBLE leader and someone her team (and everyone else!) strives to be like! 

Jasmine! You are a force to be reckoned with and I feel so privileged to work alongside you in our love of children's books!

WELL DONE and enjoy the results of all your hard work!!!!


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