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Leaders In Action - Sarah Blackwell

25th January 2017

(submitted by Christine Steller, Supervisor)

I am so thrilled to congratulate Sarah Blackwell on her promotion to Supervisor as of January 1, 2017! Sarah and I met through Facebook just over a year ago. With the words ‘Does anyone know an Usborne Consultant?’ Sarah and I were magically connected. I was so thrilled to meet her – her excitement about this opportunity was through the roof. Sarah’s background in early childhood education made her a perfect fit, and her optimistic attitude was contagious. I will never forget how, when I told her about the 10% shipping charge, she said ‘That’s no problem – if someone gets a customer special, they are still coming out ahead!’ 

Her optimism helped her out a great deal as she got her business up and running. You see, Sarah and her husband had moved to a small town in Quebec from BC about half a year earlier. Sarah had given birth to her adorable son Kolton soon after they moved, and was quite isolated as someone who didn’t speak much French in a French community. That didn’t stop her, though! She used social media and her few local connections to get started immediately. Now, for those of you who don’t know this… back last fall, we had a bit of a ‘stockalypse’ – books were flying off the shelves and stock numbers were quite low. When Sarah got started at the end of November, we were in one of the lowest stock situations we have ever had as a company. At her first party, she was prepared to use web-express and the online catalogue to make sure the books her customers ordered were available. Except that the wi-fi didn’t work… and she had to do the party without those aids at all. When she went to order the books after getting home, she grabbed the first order… and no books were available. She grabbed the second order…and no books were available again. This continued until she was done going through all the orders. Absolutely none of the books that the customers wanted were there. But Sarah, with her overwhelmingly positive attitude once again, found substitutes for each book and did not lose any sales. And, to top it off, she signed up her hostess, who she then mentored all the way to emerald! Sarah then attended last year’s convention… and inspired, set the goal of promoting to supervisor and earning the incentive trip. I am happy to say that Sarah met both of her goals!

Over the past year, Sarah has moved back across the country to settle in Maple Ridge, BC. She has started her own daycare called ‘Wild Oaks’, and inspired a large team of consultants with her enthusiasm for this amazing opportunity. I feel lucky to call Sarah my friend, and I am excited to work with her as she transitions into her new leadership role!

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