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Leaders In Action - Lucy Critchley

26th May 2017

(submitted by Heather Bourgeois, Supervisor)

I am so so excited to introduce you to my friend and the newest Supervisor in the Usborne Family, Lucy Critchley. This busy mom of two wonderful children and full-time dayhome provider extraordinaire has promoted out after just two years with Usborne books. Lucy manages to work full time and run a diverse and thriving book business. She is the most kind, caring and hard working woman I know.

Lucy is a perfect example of “No” doesn’t always mean “No”.  Lucy’s journey with Usborne started out with a “NO” on her draw slip at a party she attended. But by the end of the night she asked for a recruiting package. The next night she signed up and has been doing amazing things from that moment forward.

She is proof that if you set goals and work hard you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Lucy has worked her business with consistency and tenacity. Always setting goals for herself such as Presidents Council and attending convention. She worked through hurdles and instead of giving up on her goals she adjusted and kept her eye on the prize.

Lucy works all facets of her business; home parties, Facebook parties, markets, and schools. She builds quality and honest relationships with all of her customers and hostesses. Lucy is full of wonderful new ideas and never shies away from trying new things. With anything new, there is lots to learn and Lucy takes each challenge on with gusto.  She supports her team with kindness and motivation leading different types of challenges and providing them with the guidance they need to build their business.

I am so proud of Lucy’s hard work and perseverance.  Being able to call her my friend is a privilege and I can’t wait to watch her reach for the stars.

Congratulations my friend.

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