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Leaders In Action - Ashley Wilson

6th July 2017

(submitted by Sarah Blackwell, Supervisor)

The title of Supervisor was meant to be Ashley Wilson's from the get-go. Let me tell you about my incredible friend and her successful journey with Usborne Books! 

Ashley's business took off with a bang when she signed up in July 2016, and she skyrocketed straight to Emerald status! $5000 in personal sales in her first 12 weeks - beyond impressive! But, Ashley was just getting started! Once she experienced the excitement of hitting that goal, she wanted to reach higher and higher and she has done it. Every. Single. Time. She's on her way to the Bahamas, she has built and maintained a strong team of ladies that she inspires and motivates daily, and she consistently thinks outside the box to create new & innovative marketing strategies, fun contests, and a strong social media presence. Ashley pushed herself to reach not only a spot on the President's Council, but with Elite status! Having business builder leads and new titles sent to her completely free each month, she is on top of her game and maximizing all of her hard earned benefits - and when she attends convention for the second time next year, the rewards will continue. 

When Ashley isn't working her business, she is focused on her husband and daughter, healthy organic cooking, gardening, and enjoying an active lifestyle with friends and family. She's an avid reader, with a serious passion for passing on the bookworm status to her daughter, Charlotte. Ashley is a leader of her local Breastfeeding Cafe group, an active member in her community, and a busy Mom on the go. When Ashley sets a goal, she will not stop until she has reached it, and this is true in all areas of her life. 

Ashley, I am so very thrilled for you, it has been an absolute pleasure to take our 20+ year friendship into this new chapter of life and a true joy to cheer you on as you achieved such incredible success with Usborne. You are a natural leader, the funniest gal I know, and our time shared through this experience will stay with me always. Your drive and determination are nothing short of amazing, and you inspire me and make me laugh daily. I can't wait to see what you get up to next! Senior supervisor, here you come... I am so proud of you! 

This is just the beginning for Ashley Wilson, and this certainly won't be the last time her name is in our nationwide headlines. Congratulations, my friend! Enjoy every single moment of your success, you have absolutely earned it. 

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