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Pharaoh's handbook

Pharaoh's handbook

  • Everything power-hungry young pharaohs need to know in order to rule the Nile in style.
  • Includes chapters on achieving greatness, appeasing the gods and preparing yourself (and your servants) for the afterlife, as well as more practical advice on building pyramids, keeping clean and visiting the doctor.
  • A lively and engaging introduction to the history of Ancient Egypt, full of fascinating details and funny illustrations that bring history to life, and highlight the really gruesome details...
  • Ideal for any child learning about the Ancient Egyptians in school.
“Your class will be queuing up to read this one!”
School Library Journal


$10.95 Available


Age: 9+

Price: $10.95
ISBN: 9781409591214
128 pages
198 x 130

Author/Editor: Sam Taplin

Illustrator: Paddy Mounter

Press Reviews

Within its 73 pages this book, written in a tongue in cheek, irreverent style that would appeal to KS2 readers, manages not only to impart far more facts about the life and role of the Pharaoh than would be normally found in a book for this age group but also includes plenty of information about clothing, adornment, everyday life and religion; with plenty of suitably gory descriptions of mummification and the journey to the Afterlife...Your class will be queuing up to read this one!
School Library Journal

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