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100 things to know about numbers, computers and coding

100 things to know
100 things to know about numbers, computers and coding

Did you know there’s a single spot on your brain that recognizes numbers? Or that the first computer bugs were actual insects and that most of the internet is under water? This fascinating book is filled with 100 fascinating facts, bright, infographic illustrations, a glossary and index, and links to specially selected websites to find out more.

“Coding and computing are subjects normally difficult to make entertaining, so the authors have cleverly turned them into narratives, making the topics engaging with these little stories you can just dip in and out of. They’re the perfect size, too, so you really feel like returning again and again.”
Royal Society Prize Judge Sarah Eames, primary school teacher and Fellow of the Primary Science Teaching Trust


$18.95 Available


Age: 8+

Price: $18.95
ISBN: 9781474942997
128 pages
240 x 170

Author/Editor: Alice James, Eddie Reynolds, Minna Lacey, Rose Hall and Alex Frith

Illustrator: Federico Mariani & Parko Polo


Shortlisted - Royal Society Young People's Book Prize 2019
The Royal Society Young People's Book Prize aims to inspire young people to read about science and promotes the writing of excellent, accessible books for under-14s.

Press Reviews

There is enough in it to build a lesson a day for almost an entire school year and that doesn't include the offshoot investigations that would take you off on a tangent! I can envisage those eight-year-olds of 30 years ago pouring over it!
Barbara Braxton, Librarian


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