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Awrads and accolades

Awards and accolades

Every month, Usborne recognises success at every level of our business, in a variety of different ways. In addition to our First Twelve Weeks, Travel and Executive Council Incentives, Consultants' hard work will be celebrated for any and all of the following criteria:

New Consultants

We extend a very warm welcome to all new Consultants - especially those who placed their first order in the previous month.

Even more for new Consultants

Celebrate the successes of our the new consultants who qualified for even more free or greatly reduced books by reaching achievement levels during their first 12 weeks of business.

Sales Leaders

These are the top sellers, and business builders for the last month. As such, we share their successes based on individual and Central Group sales. Don't forget to ask your Sponsor or Supervisor what these terms mean.

Bonus Achievers

A direct deposit into their account or a free book certificate to spend on books are the prizes for any Consultant who exceeds $1,000 retail sales in any one month.

The President's Council

This is a group of high-flying Consultants, acknowledged for achieving extraordinary success with their Usborne business.

2018 Top Achievers

Accumulating throughout the year, the sales, recruiting and team building efforts of all our Consultants are celebrated monthly, culminating in a glamorous Awards Ceremony at National Convention, where the top Consultant or Leader in each category is invited to the stage to receive a prize and the recognition they richly deserve.

Look out for our monthly Awards and accolades updates - featured on our blog and also on our facebook page.

"My advice to any consultant new or experienced this trip is possible for everyone so give it a shot and work your business and believe in yourself. It will all be worth it."

Heather Bourgeois, Executive Council Director