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The President's Council

President's Council

The Usborne Books at Home President's Council is a prestigious and glamorous incentive that rewards high-flying Consultants for achieving extraordinary success with their Usborne business.

From champagne receptions and elegant lunches to four-course dinners, President's Council Members are always treated to the very best.Becoming a member automatically gives you the opportunity to experience glamorous President's Council events and entitles you to many exclusive business-building benefits, including 70% discount on new title upgrades, advance shipping of new titles, participation in the Business Builder program (for Team Leaders and Supervisors) and regular conferencing with other leaders and the president of the company.

Not only that, if you are one of the eight most successful Consultants in the qualifying season, you will be invited to become a member of the President's Elite Council and receive even greater rewards.

Special prestigious events

  • Prepared to be pamperedPresident's Council members are invited to regular video conferences as well as special exclusive face-to-face meeting during which they can learn new skills and share ideas with their colleagues.
  • Delicious, decadent meals are shared as you network with the other top-performing leaders in the company. You are bound to make new friends along the way.
  • Our President's Elite Council indulge in other extras too!

From champagne receptions and elegant lunches to four-course dinners, President's Council Members are always treated to the very best.Boost your business

  • Special training helps President's Council Members expand and develop their business. What's more, the exclusive Usborne Business Builders system can provide President's Council Members (Team Leaders and Supervisors) with a quick and effective way to increase their team of Consultants -- and their income.

More benefits

  • President's Council Members receive priority shipping on a sample copy of all monthly new titles releases. Elite members receive a complimentary copy of each of the newly published titles. From time to time, a new title might arrive in limited quantities and in that unusual case, a sample may not be available.

How do I join?

Calling all new Consultants!

  • New Consultants can also enjoy membership for the six-month President's Council season following achievement of Emerald Status.

There are plenty of benefits work towards to keep you inspired and help you take your Usborne business to the next level. From luxury spa experiences and elegant lunches to exclusive four-course dinners, the President's Council Members are always treated to the very best. What are you waiting for?

"I have enjoyed all the perks of earning a spot on the Executive but for me the best perk has been the friendships that I have made and I know I will have for years to come."

Heather Bourgeois, Supervisor and EC Director