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Meeting up

Meeting up

Working on your own can sometimes be challenging and lonely. Usborne Books at Home hold regular events throughout the year where Consultants can enjoy meeting up, sharing successes and challenges, and ultimately come together to feel part of a team.

There is nothing more powerful than spending time in the company of like-minded people who are excited by the same things and also face the same obstacles. Even the very newest Consultant brings something special to every team meeting or event.

Getting together locally for a coffee, or more formally for a team meeting and leadership workshop, is something all Consultants are encouraged to do.

Additionally, Usborne Books at Home host various national events throughout the year as well as delivering online seminars, conference calls and training sessions, to support and motivate every Consultant.

Ask your Sponsor or Supervisor about their next team meeting or event.

"My favourite part of my business with Usborne Books at Home is being a mentor and a trainer to other women and moms just like myself."

Alexis Everingham, Executive Council Director