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Community events

Independent Usborne Consultants are able to operate wherever there is a love and need for good quality children's books.


As a Consultant, you are able to order in stock for specific, large scale events such as conferences, fairs or festivals. We call such orders "exhibits". At an exhibit, you can present and demonstrate a broader selection of our range of titles and pass on benefits such as free shipping and up to 15% of the overall order value in additional free books.

Direct orders (including buying online)

Sometimes a customer simply needs to order a particular book there and then. Not a problem. As a Consultant, you are able to place orders on behalf of your customers and arrange direct delivery. Alternatively you can purchase your own, professionally branded and maintained Usborne Books at Home website and encourage your customers to browse and buy online. You will earn commission on each sale and while your customers might not receive the personal level of service they might expect from attending a home show or exhibit, they will be able to order 24/7 at their convenience.

Speak to your Sponsor or Supervisor about how to order and set up your own Usborne Books at Home Consultant website.

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