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Home shows

A book party (or home show) is a fun and relaxed way to sell Usborne books in a friendly home environment. The guests can look at and talk about the books - and benefit from special prices that you can offer.

Anyone can hold a home show - you can ask friends, colleagues or family, or you could even host your first home show yourself to launch your Usborne business. As a reward at the end of a successful party, the hostess receives free books and great discounts on titles of their choice.

Benefits of hosting a home show

Every hostess is entitled to receive additional benefits as a thank you for holding a home show:

  • A Hostess Allowance in free books plus purchase options of up to 70% discount
  • Customer Specials available to the hostess and home show attendees
  • A FREE bonus book and additional credits in return for future bookings made at the home show
  • Additional incentives and bonuses made available by the company from time to time

Where next?

Follow our blog to hear about the latest Customer Special and Hostess book selections as well as any current bookings incentives. If you are already a Consultant, visit the Consultant tools section to download and share home show resources with your customers and prospective hostesses.

If you are not a Consultant but would like to know more about home shows:

"One of my favourite things about a home show is that you get to show off the books that are most relevant to your hosts and their friends. They love being able to handle the books and listen for specific features and recommendations that work for their kids."

Helen Engel-Gray, Usborne Consultant

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