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Planning ahead

Planning ahead

The secret to success with Usborne Books at Home is keeping a full diary of home shows to work towards and making sure you speak to everybody you meet at each event.

It can makes a huge difference knowing that you have your next Usborne booking to look forward to. The buzz of meeting new people and sharing the books is what makes being a Consultant so enjoyable. If you have worked out a plan with your Sponsor based on how much time you can dedicate to your Usborne business, who you know and where you would like to sell your books, you're well on the way to keeping your calendar nice and busy.

Essential tips for planning ahead

  • Talk to your Sponsor about what you hope to achieve with your Usborne business - is it an earnings figure or something more personal?
  • How much time you can dedicate to your new business? Even if you only have a few hours a week, that time (used wisely) can be enough
  • Where would you like to focus? Do you prefer home shows or would you like to work more regularly in schools?
  • Have you organised your calendar and worked through all of your existing contacts? Who might they also know that would be interested in an Usborne home show or event?
  • Try to add at least two new bookings from every event you attend
  • Make use of the resources in the Consultants tools section of the website - there are lots of ideas there that can help you keep your momentum up
  • Speak to other Consultants on our dedicated facebook group (ask your Sponsor if you can be added) to share tips and ideas
  • Have you thought about helping others build a business of their own with Usborne?

Where next?

“Want your calendar full? Make sure you work the days you block to do parties.

If you are not partying -- get on the phone!”

Lucy Ann Stoop, Senior Supervisor

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