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Your Usborne business

Your Usborne business

Usborne Books at Home Consultants sell award-winning Usborne children's books to families, community groups, schools and libraries at home shows and local events. Every Consultant can offer an unbeatable personal book-buying service, expert advice, great offers and exclusive discounts.

As soon as you become an Independent Usborne Consultant you'll become a part of our thriving community of fellow Consultants, sharing best practice, advice, tips and ideas on how to make your business a success from day one.

"I LOVE Usborne because every month I get brand new books to fall in love with"

Sarah Snowden, Usborne Supervisor

Your first steps

1. If you join us without already knowing (or being in contact with) an existing Consultant, you will be assigned a Sponsor. You can ask them all of your questions, so pick up the phone or get together at a team meeting if you need anything at all. Every Consultant is given a Sponsor: they are a vital part of your support network and are there to help you become a success.

2. Make a list of everyone that you know who might be interested in hosting an Usborne home show or event, or even joining your team. Once you begin you'll realise you know lots of people who share your enthusiam for children's books. Speak to friends and family; the more people you speak to the better.

3. Take a look at our quickstart program which rewards new Consultants as they place their first orders and start to build their businesses.

Where next?

“I love to read and find that selling Usborne books is very simple. I simply share my passion for the books and they sell themselves.”

Dianne Devost, Usborne Supervisor

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